July 01, 2011

Natural Hair Queens: Add THIS to YOUR Regimen!

Queens, Empresses, Princesses, and every other inspirative name that you've been called since going natural:  Hello to you ALL and thank You for taking time to read this post! I've been wearing my hair natural for over 10 years and have changed what I use on my hair quite a few times. One reason is because my hair seems to get tired of the same thing and wont react the same way (is it just me?) and the other is because I will find product that is better in and for my hair. So one day I asked one of the ladies in the retail section (thank you Madeline) of a particular salon to go over each and every skin care product that they sell to better educate myself on the various lines and what can be cocktailed. I was definitely impressed, and there is one product from a line of oils that has been added to my hair care regimen since that day.

Allow me to introduce/reintroduce you to AVEDA's Beautifying Composition.

This is a moisturizing oil for body, bath, and scalp as it reads on the bottle. It is light and really doesn't leave a heavy greasy feel. One benefit to using this product is that you can control how much you use because it dispenses in drops.

For those who do not know about Aveda, it is a world known brand. Their products are made from plant and flower essences and depending on the product, are between 93% and 99% naturally derived. They also carry certified organic items. There are Aveda salons, Aveda Institutes for cosmetology and esthetics, they have their own lines of hair color, makeup, skin and hair care for men and women of all ages and hair textures, candles and oils. They also will be releasing an Aveda relaxer and they have no idea that I am typing any of this.

Back to the Beautifying Composition. I know, I know: you want to know what this will do for you and what it has done for me. Well, key ingredients include:

-Jojoba oil: I know that some of you LOVE that ingredient. Just hearing/reading it gets your attention. It is great for hair that tends to tangle, split or break. It also leaves a lasting nice shiiiiine. Jojoba oil. :o)
-Lavender oil: You may not know that it kills lice and lice eggs, but it does, and I'm sure that you do know that it is used for aromatherapy all over the globe.
-Bergamot oil: This fruit oil stimulates hair growth, adds shine and protects the hair cuticle
-Rosemary: This oil also stimulates hair follicles, as well as strengthens hair, nourishes and removes dry skin and dandruff from the scalp, and slows premature hair loss and graying
-Vitamin E promotes circulation and causes capillary growth which in turn promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss and split ends. It is a hair conditioner for dry hair and helps to repair hair damaged from excessive heat (dryers, irons)

Beautifying Composition also contains lime oil which is an antiseptic, and oil from grapefruit peel. Grapefruit is EXCELLENT for the skin as oils, sugar scrubs, skin mousse, etc.

Yes, some of the ingredients are for dry hair repair, however Aveda advertises that the composition is for all hair types. I do not have dry hair so I will agree with the claim. Since my Nokia phone went for a swim and no longer works, I cannot take a crystal clear picture for you. After the first time of using this oil, I have been getting compliments on how my hair twinkles and has a very nice shine. Even more than before, people ask if they can touch my hair. I myself have seen my hair *TING* in not such bright light. My hair is already quite soft and spongy, so I cannot say too much about softening except that it does have the correct ingredients to take care of that, but I do notice that my curls are a bit more defined. I have never experienced an unpleasant greasiness. Start out with a little and add if desired. Again, the oil comes out in drops, giving you full control and preventing waste.

How I personally use Beautifying Composition: With my hair wet, I apply the oil all over and rub onto my hair and scalp. I put on a shower cap with well fitting elastic and go to bed. When Im ready to style, I use my fingers, check with the mirrors, and repeat until Im satisfied. I do not use this everyday or even every other day, although I do wet my hair everyday to style it. The oil still does its thing.

Another way to use the composition (as far as hair goes) is to massage some into your dry scalp and then shampoo.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I hope that you have enjoyed this post and got a few smiles in along the read. If you pick up or order a bottle from AVEDA, let me know what it has done for you below in the comment section or on Twitter @heidistylhix. It is the only yellow oil in that line of oils and comes in a yellow-ish hexagon shaped box:

Until next time: Wash your hands and CREATE!


Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Sounds like a naturals hair dream oil! Thanks for the review! lol @phone went for a swim

Miss Merli said...

I love it. Thank you for opening my eyes to Aveda's products. Too many women of African decent don't know about this product line partially because of cost but also because of marketing.

Safington said...

Thinking about going natural. I never used Aveda because I assumed it wasn't for people of color...

The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

I need this! Thanks for sharing :)

heidistylhix said...

Really Safi!?? You would be stunning! Yes, Aveda has product lines that are specifically for "coarse" and curlier hair. If you'd like any recommendations, you know how to reach me.

heidistylhix said...

Sherry, Merli, Style and Beauty Doctor: you are all welcome!

ichangefaces said...

I ABSOLUTELY love This oil by AVEDA Heidi. I have used it on my daughters hair and on my legs and arms. This product is OUTSTANDING! Thank you so much for sharing and bringing us the latest product reviews. Love your blog girl.... WERK!!!

heidistylhix said...

ichangefaces: You are very welcome.

Many women do not know that Aveda offers product that cater to more than one texture of hair. I've been asked by more than a few people if Aveda sells anything else for relaxed or natural "ethnic" hair. I will post a blog in the future about those specific shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids.