June 17, 2011

The Makeup Show NYC 2011: the Heidistylhix view

Hello! I know that it was one month ago but I'm still excited about my experience at The Makeup Show NYC. It was my first experience at an industry event as such and I can only sum it up as PRICELESS! Actually, the experience began at Harlem Vintage where I met and spoke with THE Sam Fine.The event was for a wine tasting with special appearance by Mr. Fine. I was both humbled and in awe that he was the one to open conversation between he and I as I walked up to the table where he stood greeting and signing DVDs (yes my well used DVD as well as the cover was signed). My hair was a red violet tone at the time and before I could even ask, he suggested a pencil that coordinated to fill in my eyebrows with. He then asked if I had any questions for him. I was blown away but wasted no time in having my questions answered!

Also at this event I met some people that I plan to never lose contact with. Sherry Blossom: I was already a YouTube subscriber and wanted to meet her to compliment her work. I remember saying something to my best friend about one of her videos before turning around to see her walking in the door. I couldn't believe my eyes! I wasn't able to speak with her until a little later that night, but I'm more than glad that I did. She is an exceptional person to know. I also met The Style and Beauty Doctor: I truly had a great time chatting with her and loved her new short "do".Go girl! Her whole style as a whole is very catchy and it individualized her. Since this meeting, she has given me good laughs and has answered my beauty questions. The Gorgeous Blog aka The Gorgeous Ingredient: Her hair, oh her HAIR! I love it! It was the first thing about her that caught my eye and I stared for I don't even know how many seconds. She has been wearing her hair unprocessed the longest of all of us. Natural hair became a main topic amongst the little huddle that us ladies formed. I didn't feel as though I was around strangers anymore and this event assisted in making me feel elated to back in NYC. Did you see the immensely amazing job that she did of tweeting the happenings of both the Makeup Shows NYC and Chicago? You would have felt like you were there if you were not able to make it. THANK YOU again SanTara! I also had the pleasure of meeting Miss Merli. She was the lady in the huddle who had not yet gone natural but she was surely doing her homework on it. When we saw her at the Makeup Show just a few days later, she made the switch and was starting fresh! I was too happy for her! I got to know both her and The Style and Beauty Doctor a little better since we ended up on the same train. Going to this event left me with an extraordinary amount of eagerness to attend the Makeup Show....and now...on to the show.

2011. The Makeup Show. NYC. WOW! I went without any expectations but even if I did have any, they would have been outdone by what I experienced. Getting in the door was a pretty smooth process. As you may know from my first blog entry, I came with a shopping list for Inglot. That list was immediately reconsidered once I took my first look at the floor. Standing in one spot not knowing where to go gave me the opportunity to see James Vincent walk by. It then came to me that my day would be an unforgettable one. Roque Cozzette, Kenecia Lashae, Danessa Myricks, Crystal Wright (oh my gosh!), Michael DeVellis, Jeremy Meek, Sam Fine-who surprisingly recognized me as soon as he saw me, Eve Pearl, Kim Gray, Jennifer James (she is the TRUTH), oh man, the list just goes on and on! They were conversing, smiling, hugging, kissing, and walking around in enjoyment just like were! Did I mention that this was my first experience at an event like this?

 My purchases:

I managed to stay focused and get everything on my Inglot shopping list. I must give credit to Lourdes Gutierrez, makeup artist in south Florida, who guided and helped me pick every lip and eye shadow color that I own from Inglot to begin building my kit. These were the remaining items that I had to get.

Eye Shadows


Lip Color

I did stop at every booth, taking notes on items to review on my own and asking questions. I made a few more purchases and was gifted a few items. Here is what I got:

I also stopped by the very busy beglimmered tatoo booth and left with this:

I superceded my goal of networking with 20 people. I learned soooooo much about the different skincare and makeup brands, uses for certain products, and just how happy people are to be a part of this industry. I have been sucked in and will definitely, positutely, absolutely attend events like this again.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post. I look forward to putting my next one together for you. Until then: Wash your hands and CREATE!

June 02, 2011

The Next Breakthrough into the World of Blogging: Her Name is heidistylhix

Hello hello hello!!! My name is Heidistylhix and welcome to my blog page!! Before telling you about myself, I need to show my appreciation and thank Sherry Blossom (follow her on Twitter @MsSherryBlossom, YouTube: SherryBlossomBeauty, and her blog page Sherry Blossom Beauty ) for inspiring me to become a part of the blog world.She didnt exactly suggest it, she just told me to do it. Sherry Blossom: THANK YOU! This bright spirited, energetic, humble, informative, humorous young lady has answered all of my questions, given me words of wisdom, and has showered me with a wealth of makeup info that I will always be grateful for.

About me: I am a proud New Yorker (from Queens and Hempstead). Fashion has always been a part of my life. As a child my fashion sense was mostly geared toward decorating and clothing which taught me to have an eye for detail and ability to mix and coordinate colors. I currently attend a cosmetology program in south Florida. I will return north (I need 4 seasons in my life) but will take a course to receive certification in makeup artistry before doing so. My school focuses mostly on hair so 98.5% of what I know about makeup is from what I took upon myself to learn outside of school. In doing so, I have met with people on all levels in the industry and I'll be sure to mention them as my blogging venture goes on. Let me say it now: I am a beginner...just breaking into the world of makeup, and I'm taking the process to pro by storm! SO, teach me teach me teach me!!! I want to learn, love learning, and I don't have a limit to it.

I have been working in the medical field for about 15 years now so teaching is second nature to me. I do it sometimes without even realizing it. I greatly enjoy the look on faces when guests see themselves in the mirror after Ive done their hair and/or makeup but love the reaction I get after showing them how to recreate and maintain the look at home. SO, ask me ask me, yes, ask me! What I don't know, I will do my best to find out. I have no problems with asking questions and doing research.

Asking and teaching. Yes. *heart warming up* I MUST thank Taryll Atkins for allowing me to rummage, search, and dive into her makeup case, and I must add: WITHOUT supervision! Have you seen her portfolio??? I mean, I know that I have an untrained eye, but umm, ya'll need to check this out: http://www.taryllatkins.com

I love to travel, both within and outside the US. Schooling has slowed that down but once I am licensed, I am definitely willing to travel to do freelance work. A friend of mine calls me the "Roaming Genome" and my dad calls me a "Rolling Stone". The beginning of phone calls with him and close friends frequently includes, "Where are you now?" Plane, car, train, bus, shoe...whatever will get me somewhere to experience something new or known, I'm using it.

What I plan to do with my blog: Gosh, I'm so sporadic I'm afraid to answer. How about this: I will INCLUDE skin and hair care (Ive been natural for about 11 years and I know that a LOT of you are in transition), hairstylist and barbering info, and of course makeup artistry into my blog posts. Whatever else pops up, I hope that you enjoy as much as I will sharing it all! I was in attendance at the MAKEUP SHOW NYC and will elaborate in the near future...hmmm...topic for post #2! Mine may not be as exciting as more established MUAs since I went on a student budget (Ha!) and a shopping list for INGLOT. It was my first experience at a big industry show and it was PRICELESS, but I will be better prepared to take it to the next level in 2012 and take more pictures.

With all that said, I look forward to interacting with all of you. I can be contacted through email: heidistylhix@live.com as I have every intention of gettin live in this industry, and found on Twitter @heidistylhix . I don't post much on Twitter because Ive been using it to learn from others (so follow who I follow), BUT I have a feeling that will soon change. Then of course, there is the comment section below.

Thank You for reading to the end my first post! The next one is already formulating in my ever churning head. Until next time: Wash your hands and CREATE!